Following 20 years of experience in the transport sector, NIT LOGISTIC was set up as the result of a Commercial and Entrepreneurial concern, within the national and international transport sector.

NIT LOGISTIC, commits to service that stands out for being customised and quality. This is a concept that is widely exploited in the sector, but which is never noticeable in service, or in work. For that reason, NIT LOGISTIC is changing the guidelines of the normal market, in order to create truly customised and quality service.

From the Management Department, to Logistics, Administrative, and Sales Staff, right down to the last delivery or warehouse staff member, NIT LOGISTIC looks after clients with care, dedication, innovation and daily work. We have recovered the old values of “client service”.

Unlike its competitors, NIT LOGISTIC, commits to the future: the concept of Sustainability in Transport: a series of processes and derivative actions, in order to obtain as the final target, a rational use of transport, collection and delivery resources, in order to optimise environmental resources and their environmental impact: delivery and collection routes, the state of lorries and their CO2 emissions, optimisation of vehicles in terms of the amount and size of the equipment to be transported. In the not so distant future, the company also aims to incorporate non-pollutant vehicles, with the use of non-fossil fuels.

NIT LOGISTIC, has been incorporated into an established Business Group, in order to offer the guarantee of Service and Quality, through a partner, whose greatest asset is its economic one. This has enabled us to obtain definitive company solidity, within a very competitive sector.